This is Whiskey, about 4yrs ago I decided to donate him to Midnight Sun Service dogs in hopes that he would become an amazing Service dog to someone in need. At that time I had no idea that I could even do this…..This handsome boy is now an Asthma Alert service dog and I am so proud to have been his breeder. April Getty’s of Midnight Sun Service dogs is amazing and her heart to help provide well-trained dogs to Service members and others in need is absolutely amazing! Whiskey has traveled all over the USA and is helping to break the stigma of these amazing dogs. Whiskey has saved his owner’s life on more than one occasion by waking him at night while having an attack and Whiskey would have the inhaler ready for the handler.


Sadie( pictured on right with tongue out) is 1.5 yrs old now and she is a PTSD service dog and I am just so thankful that these 2 amazing dogs are able to help their owners. April Getty’s has done an amazing job with all of the dogs she has trained and continues to train.

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